How to raise your hand in Microsoft Teams

In some types of meetings Microsoft Teams there is only one lecturer, and the other participants are just him listening with a muted microphone. A striking example is an online lecture or some kind of seminar. Listeners may have questions to the presenter, but they will not be able to be asked, only if through a chat, which is not always looked into. Therefore, conferences have a special function – “Raise your hand”. In this article, you’ll learn how to how to raise your hand in Teams to get the presenter’s attention.

Explanatory instruction

The Raise Hand feature in Microsoft Teams will be very useful in online meetings with one presenter, when the rest of the participants are either simply silent or sitting with the sound turned off. It allows a specific user to draw attention to himself, for example, to ask a question or clarify an incomprehensible moment.

This feature is available on both PC and phone. In the first case, to call it, just click on the highlighted icon: Raise Hand Button in Meeting

And in the second you need:

  • In the conference window, click on the screen to see the interface elements.
  • Invoke the control menu by clicking the three dots icon (bottom bar).Icon for invoking the context menu in a meeting in the mobile app
  • Select the appropriate option from the list.Raise Hand Button in Mobile App Meeting

Other meeting participants and the host will see a notification of your action.

To lower your arm, repeat the steps above. The organizer has the same opportunity. Plus, after a while, the palm icon will disappear on its own.

If you are interested in how you can organize an online meeting yourself and invite other users there, then check out our article.


In this article, we talked about how to raise your hand in Tims from a phone or computer and how to lower it. If any of the conference participants use this function, then everyone will see it. Optionally, you can open the list of joined users to get detailed information.

Viewing the list of participants:

  • In MS Teams PC, click this icon:Show Meeting Participants Icon
  • In the app for smartphones and tablets, tap on the marked icon:Meeting Participants Icon in Mobile Application
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