How to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Online meetings are the main function in Microsoft Teams. It allows a large number of people to gather in one conference, discuss any things, work together, conduct remote lessons and much more. A meeting has one organizer who manages everything, and all other users are participants, they may have limited rights. In this article, you will learn how to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams when it has already been created. Let’s deal with everything.

Connection instructions

The easiest way to sign in is to use the invite link from the host. It is generally suitable for all users, even when a person does not have an account or an installed program, so we will analyze it first.

The bottom line is that the creator of the conference can send a special invitation to other users in the form of a link. To get it, he must click on the icon “Show participants” in the main window, then on the button “Send invitation” and “Copy link to …”.Item Copy meeting link in Microsoft Teams programAnd then just send it to the right person.

This feature is also available in the mobile app.

Login process

So, to connect, you need to open the received link and confirm the entry. And here the procedure is somewhat different for PC and mobile devices.

Instruction for PC:

  1. In a browser, agree to launch MS Teams.Launch Microsoft Teams from the browser to enter the meeting
  2. If desired, use the sliders to mute the microphone or camera.
  3. Click on “Join Now”.Join a meeting with an invitation link
  4. Wait for permission to log in if required.

If you do not have a program on your computer, then you can go straight from the browser (and without a Teams account). For this:

  1. Open the invitation link.
  2. Reject any offers that may appear.
  3. Click on the Continue in this browser button.Option Continue in this browser to join meeting via invite link
  4. Enter a name that other members will see.
  5. Mute audio or video if necessary.
  6. Click “Join Now”.Enter the meeting via the link in the browser
  7. Wait for admin’s consent.

Instructions for the mobile application:

  1. Open the resulting link.
  2. Select the Teams app to launch, if required.Launch the Microsoft Teams app via invitation link
  3. In the new window, you can turn off the video (camera), microphone or sound of the device. Finally, click “Join”.Join button to enter the meeting by invitation
And if you plan to organize a conference yourselfsion and invite other users there as participants, then see our article.


There are other ways to join Microsoft Teams. They are far from being so common, so let’s take a look at them briefly:

  • Via the Meetings tab in the app or mobile app, if the meeting was pre-scheduled and marked on the calendar. It’s easy to find the join button next to the desired entry. Entering a meeting through the scheduler in the mobile app
  • From the Chats tab, when the meeting is already running and its creator and user are signed in to the same organization.
  • From the team section, if it was launched from there.Enter a meeting from the Teams section of the mobile app
  • Via a personal invitation that can be sent from a conference to another collaborator.
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